SmartSlider plugin not showing after install and active

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(Sir, I install plugin name “Smartslider” and installed and active in wordpress. But this Smartslider plugin is not showing in the main menu/dashboard or any other place.i’ve stop my work. kindly help so that i can continue my work . I’m waiting your swift response. thanks)

You shd contact the plugin developer for support.


To my knowledge, the main menu registration is handled by the plugin code itself. So if the plugin code doesn’t properly register the menu entries, then they do not appear.

Do you know if the plugin works on other sites?

Also, please don’t hijack random topics to ask your question.


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it seems to me that this plugin doesn’t have a spec.window (menu) at all
instead of that, after enabling it,
you use the code given to you as an example

<a href="#myslidingcontent" class="slider">Toggle My Content</a>
<p id="myslidingcontent">Here is my cool Content</p>


Dear Admin, thanks for fast reply and others persons fast reply here for help.
further story that I’m following a youtube tutorial there “Smartslider” blugin is free and you can use it free and active. which is everybody is using free . .but here on infinity workplace, it is not showing after installing and active in wordpress… kindly check into deep it and resolve my issue so that I may connect with you here further time.

have your tried installing it manually?


You may be mistaken and actually want a smart slider 3

but in WP you put the smartslider I mentioned above
and which has only two lines of PHP code

From the plugin page which @Oxy linked to:

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

I think this may be one such compatibility issue they’re referring to.


ok resolved

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