sorry my website is so slow!!!
it loads the website after 4 minutes !!!
i am so disapointed! before it was suspended! and now is very slow!!!
please help

Site url?

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How people are supposed to help you while you’re trolling them like that?

i am just reporting my issue! bad or not bad! its a problem!
my website is :
it is slow

Using free subdomain will always cause slower loading.
You can get free domain from freenom…

Yeah, I’ve third eye to guess whatever your problem is or not, if I’m telling you to share your site url is because I’ll test it in my end.
For your problem, It took 1 minute for me to connect, what do you use for your site? WordPress?


you need web caching plugin like w3, wp fastest cache etc…

how can i do so?


hello again. i installed w3 plugin in wordpress
it is still slow

it says bad gateway most of the time

Trying getting a free domain from freenom, then install wordpress and web caching plugin. It shd load faster…

Based on where he lives i don’t think if he can use freenom.



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