Slow upload speed

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I’m trying to upload the website I want, but the upload speed is just so slow (literal bytes per second)

Trying to upload it.

I’m using this software:

I’ve tried doing this in Dolphin (KDE’s native file manager), then tried it in FileZilla and got the same, slow result.

Additional information:

One of the great features of FileZilla is that it can use multiple connections to upload multiple files at the same time. Since FTP is heavily affected by latency (generally more so than bandwidth), this usually helps to improve performance.

Can you try to increase the number of simultaneous connections in Filezilla? And can you check what that does to the speed (in total and/or per connection)?

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Yeah I can try this, though I’ll see if this is possible to do in Dolphin because it’s my system file manager and it’s way more integrated with my operating system. But if I can’t find it, I will try in FileZilla. :slight_smile:

how to enable this in FileZilla Btw?

It’s also worth noting that I have a ServerPro server (I game hosting service) for Minecraft and have no issues with upload speeds with that using my file manager

Close the “Site Manager”, then click on “Edit”, then on “Settings”, on “Transfers” and set the “Maximum simultaneous transfers” option’s value to whatever you want from 1 to 10, then save the changes.

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Okay, I’ll update if the speed is still super slow haha

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It seems to, I guess I’ll use FileZilla for the initial upload, after that I’ll just be modifying things so I can use my system one, thanks

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FileZilla is probably the best cross platform FTP client there is. It’s very fast and very powerful. Many other systems can do FTP, but none of them can do it quite as well as FileZilla.

The connection limit is set through the Settings, not the Site Manager.

My guess it’s that it’s either an IO issue on the FTP server or a problem with the latency or throughput between your computer and our FTP server. Playing with the number of connections might give more insight about which of those things it could be.

If you would like to help find out what it could be, could you share more observations of what changing the number of connections did to the performance?

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