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My website, linked at the IP, is running very slow. The ping is very bad right now. Please help me.
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Is there any maintenance going on? What can I do to speed up the ping times?
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The ping is actually really good (Ping is also the wrong word here).


It takes only about 3/10ths of a second for the IP to be reached and return a responce.

Your website is loading really slowly, but that has everything to do with the content on your website (My guess is a bloated WP install), and nothing to do with server response times.


Yeah, you can 100% blame this on how you setup WordPress. Your site is loading a ton of files. Remove some plugins, unused themes, disable auto-updates, etc.

And I’m not sure what you are doing with YouTube, but it’s trying to load a ton of stuff as well. If you just have the embed and nothing else, enable the privacy feature thing (I forget where exactly it is, google it) to prevent most of that from loading unless the user clicks.


I’m quite a newbie at WordPress, so I’m sorry if I said anything embarassing. How do I fix a bloated install? Do I remove useless plugins? Because I only have light plugins on my website. My best guess would be to download the website on my PC to host it there, and try and debloat it. The problem is…I don’t know what to debloat.

Another weird thing is that it lags only when I login. Also, this didn’t happen before. It happened suddenly a few weeks ago. By any chance, does my website have malware? After doing some research, this is what I could make sense of.

One more problem I’ve been facing is the 508 error code when editing pages with Elementor.

is known not to work well on free hosting


Thanks for the advice. Elementor, anyway, is optional for my website’s style. So I’d might remove it.

This is also a cause I’ve been having:

This site/page has used all available PHP / Apache processes allowed on a free hosting account.

Refreshing the page once the number of Apache / PHP processes are reduced will cause the site to work

We would recommend upgrading your hosting account at IFastNet Premium hosting accounts , premium hosting accounts have MUCH higher resource limits allocated.

Please read


Can you share a list of plugins and themes you have installed? Be sure to disable auto updates (for core, plugins, themes, etc) as well.

Elementor should defiantly be removed, especially if it is not the core of your site. (And the Gutenberg editor can do a lot of stuff with less server power)


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Admin Menu Editor, sorry.

The link is working just fine and seems to be a good resource for new apps and ideas. Good luck with your site.

I fixed it by making a new WordPress housing. Maybe my WordPress installation was corrupted. Thanks.

Thanks for trying, but I managed to solve it by transferring my website to a new WordPress installation.

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