Slow loading


I’ve been developing a website for myself(domain main:
Until maybe a week or so ago before taking a break from developing the website used to load instantly with what was close to no waiting time.

But now it appears that no matter the page I’d go to the page only begins loading after a minute or two, which is ridiculous!

I’d like to know what causes this issue to occur or if it can be solved soon.

Thank you.

On the first link you provided, I see that you use Wordpress. Wordpress is heavy and slow. The reason it can take a long time to load is like this:

Imagine you have an old computer, you want to use it but it is off.
Now you have to wait for it to boot, which can take a while.
But once it’s booted, you can use it, and when it becomes idle, it responds quickly.
Eventually, it shouts off because you haven’t used it in a while, so the next time you want to use it, you must boot it up again.

What I just described is wp-cron, if you disable it, the load speeds may speed up or slow down, it is completely dependent on how you’re using Wordpress. Hopefully you understood that.

As for the second link, I just see the default “welcome to InfinityFree page”.


Then what should I do to boost up my page? Please!

Not much. If you don’t really need a dynamic site, like if your site is only a few pages with new content added infrequently, you may benefit from using a static site builder (we provide these through the Client Area).

Other than making your site static, there’s not much you can do on free hosting by that will actually speed up your site.

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