Slow loading

please am new here and i need help, please i want to to know why my website is not loading fast even when i don’t have any big image file, please i need help

Some IPs are slow and some IPs are not. Remember that this is a free shared hosting, and you share the resources of the servers with others.

so please is there anything i can do to speed up my site here is my url

For me it loads faster. Maybe there are some people that use the website a lot and use too much resources; I would suggest you to install a caching plugin like Autoptimize to optimize the files and images.

Thank you so much, but please i don’t know how to do that please can you help me with how to go about it? (guideline)

You need to follow these instructions here, and on step 2 type “autoptimize” as the plugin to install. Click on Autoptimize and follow from step 4-5 those instructions (those are only valid if you use WordPress as CMS).

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