SLL Question

Hi. I’ve been trying for several days to get a free SLL certificate. There are several options but they can not be put in Inifnity and I can not.
My question is: Is there a free SLL certificate that can really be put in InfinityFree? Thank you.

Yes, there are several options for putting SSL.

which one?

Most common and best is using ([Cloudflare]

But changing the nameservers will not fail the InfinityFree host?

No, never.

Not entirely true. Normally, a website should continue to work as normal if you’ve set your DNS records correctly. If you use our nameservers, everything is always set correctly. But it’s your responsibility to keep the DNS records up to date if you use third party nameservers.

Also, in rare cases we migrate websites to other IP addresses without notification or warning. We can update our nameservers if that happens, but not yours.

In short, using third party nameservers should generally work, but is not recommended or guaranteed to work.

I want to try it, if I do it and it goes wrong, I can go back to using the Infinity nameservers and everything will go back to normal, right?

Yes. @Admin is correct.

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