SLiMS software not working

I have installed SLiMS Software in my website but during login it showing error, “This page isn’t is currently unable to handle this request.

An HTTP 500 Error usually means your PHP code crashed.

Enabling display_errors in PHP Options might help in figuring out the true problem.


I have tried “Alter PHP Config.” and then tried to fix .htaccess file, but still the problem was not fixed

the page still showing “ERROR 500” or again the login page

I checked your site and I don’t see any 500 errors.

Note that enabling display_errors doesn’t always work. You can set the option through your .htaccess file, but your PHP code can override that setting. If so, you need to look for a log file or debug mode setting in your website software to get the actual error messages.


Please login through the site:
User: SRC
Pass: src@1888

You will see the error message 500

Right, I see it now.

As I suspected, your website software is overriding the display_errors parameter. But as I also suspected, there is an option to override it. You can set the environment in the config/env.php file to development to see the actual error message.

When I did and tried to login, I got this error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function getallheaders() in /home/vol1000_8/

The getallheaders() PHP function is disabled on our hosting for security reasons, because it doesn’t get used a lot and there are better ways to read request headers. Fixing it is not complicated, but it does involve editing the source code of your software. Ideally this is fixed by the developers.


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