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Hello guys,

I’ve recently installed 'Senayan Library Management System (SLiMS) on my site. It all works, except some features. For example, I can’t add any authors. When I try to add these, all it shows is the Error ‘403 Forbidden’ page. Or at some other pages, all it says is ‘Unknown Error’. My theory is, that It can’t access these sites, because it’s embed with an Iframe (at least I think so) and something blocks it from accessing.

I’m really thankfull for any solutions.

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If you need Screenshots, just say so.


Could you provide the URL of your website?



This is the domain. Please do not wonder, the domain name is german.


I don’t see any links leading to author pages, I’m going to assume that this means those links are in the admin panel?

Everything is working perfectly fine on my end


Yes, every error I talked about, is in the admin panel. Like, when I edit an book.

You say that it uses iFrame technology. What URL is being iFramed? And if there is an option to enable error messages, I would turn that on.


I don’t know, if it uses Iframe technology. And I also don’t know, what URL is supposed to be shown. But all it shows, is the standard ‘403 Forbidden’ site from infinity free. I also haven’t found an option to enable error messages.


thanks for this article, but I already tried it and can’t seem to find any file with a bad name. :frowning:

@Greenreader9 So I’ve looked, what URL is being Iframed. It’s some php scripts, wich are located at the admins folder.

Can you use your browser’s developer tools to see what URLs are redirecting to the 403 error page? I don’t know that software and I don’t have access to your admin panel, so I can’t check.


I looked and, like I already said, it shoud Iframe /admin/modules/test.php this is not the real path, but most of them look that way and are similar.

No, do this:

use your browser’s developer tools to see what URLs are redirecting to the 403 error page


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