Size limit of website

I was gathering information here and there and please correct me if i’ve got this wrong but

the free hosting has an inode limit of 80000
files can be 10MBytes maximum

I realise that all files uploaded must be part of the actual website content and its not a file hosting thing

But really a website can be up to 800GBytes on free hosting ?

That is very generous

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Hello and welcome @StephanieTubesocks!

Unfortunately, the actual inode limit is 30,000 (I believe it was changed a few years ago), although you are correct about the 10mb and the fact that all your files must be website related. I do agree that it is amazing!


ah thanks for clearing that up, i must have been reading old information

still 300GB of space is amazing, thanks guys

now to think of a master plan to fill it MUHAHAAAAAHAAAAAA

sorry kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


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