Site's status is active but redirects to hosting service

I have been facing a problem in your website. Yesterday my site was working fine and as of now it’s status is showing active in the control panel but when I open my site to edit it redirects me to a hosting page. This was not the kind of service I was expecting from you guys as I’ve heard lot of good reviews about your service.

Try to delete your cache or open it in anonymous window

Are you sure you’re using the right subdomain? Because the subdomain is not assigned to any hosting account.

It might also be that I mistyped your domain from the screenshot. Next time, could you please paste your domain name in the message text so we don’t have to retype stuff from a screenshot?


I had try to change my url and domain through setting, my previous url was lokanshucv.epizy
and the url i had changed is lokanshujain.epizy both url are showing the same thing which was share in the above screenshot.
Plz help and resolve my problem as soon as possible.

Have u face the same problem??
plz help me with the procedure to delete the cache and anonymous window

Please note that while you can change the website URL of through the settings of your website, doing so won’t automatically make the new URL work. You have to make sure yourself that the new domain name is assigned to a hosting account, and that your website’s files are available in the right location to work.

To fix this, you could probably:

  1. Add the new subdomain to the existing account through the Subdomains menu.
  2. Move the files from the old website directory (probably htdocs) to the new one (probably
  3. Setup a redirect from the old subdomain to the new one (you can use the Redirects tool for this).

hey so am new to this can you please briefly explain the solution for this?

That’s exactly what I did in my last post?

i am facing issue with the FTP permissions and its denial.

Can you please explain that issue in a LOT more detail?

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when i was trying to paste htdocs file in subdomain it denied and show FTP permission is denied due to which i am not able to paste the file in sub domain and follow ur procedure.
Helo me in that

Yes, but who or what says permission denied? When does it say permission denied? Are you able to upload files on other locations?

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