Sites merging

this is a request for infinityfree admin
infinityfree allows you to make up to 3 websites with your accont so why don’t i use the space of other to websites to specific one or at least half of there allowed space including disk space,php memory, maximum file size upload…,

this won’t cost the hosting anything it can even free up there space (because i need one additional space instead of two)

Correction. It’s 3 hosting account per user.
Number of websites possible would be limited by the 30000 inodes or 5 GB storage available per hosting account


If you have more than three websites, and each website uses less than half the allocated server space, you can just add more domains to your existing accounts through the Addon Domains option.

There is no hard limit to the number of domains you can have on a single account, but there are practical limits. Keep in mind that all the limits are shared among all of the domains on the single account (not just in terms of disk space, but also hits and CPU power).


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