Sites is not pointing to htdocs folders content


Site is not pointing to my htdocs folders content but shows some weird page as can be seen in attached screenshot

Try removing the domain from your account and adding it back. Then re upload to htdocs and see if it works.

Ok wait. Let me give it try. Also where to remove domain?

Here i got this one - Click the button below to deactivate your hosting account. A deactivated account will be fully deleted after 60 days. During this period, you can still reactivate the account.

You need to delete the domain under addon domain section from the control panel.


Thanks and i did it as you said here is what i got in reply.

Due to a process known as ‘DNS Propagation’ it may take upto 76 hours before the domain name works globally.

Until DNS has fully propagated the sitebuilder may not work, also browsing to the domain may not work. Usually rebooting your computer and router will clear your local DNS cache.

Please do not create a support ticket for a domain that has been added within the 76 hour period, 99% of domain issues will be resolved by waiting this period of time.

A new folder has been created which is the same name as your domain name, please upload your files into the HTDOCS folder inside your domain name folder.

Happy Hosting !

In return i can see new folder has been created by my domain name and under this folder i can see htdocs folder so i added one image to check if it works but same weird page is appearing. Will it take some times to configre.

Thanks, Jaikrishna’s reply did trick and now its working. Again thank you so much.

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