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So after a bit of waiting around, google console doesn’t seem to have found all the pages on my site. Very few of them in fact.

I’ve tried generating sitemaps to submit directly in the hopes that will solve the issue. However all the online sitemap generators I’ve tried only find the main page and nothing else.

It’s a pretty basic website, nothing complicated going on, so I’m wondering why a) google can only find four pages, and b) why these sitemap generators can only locate the main page?

I’m wondering if I would be better off making one from scratch. But also if that would be any use if there’s an underlying issue in how the website gets crawled?


Thanks Soundar,

Reading through this: “ Despite being automated scripts, search engine crawlers can still access your website. The crawlers of all popular search engines can execute Javascript code tand accept cookies. So search engines will have no problems indexing your website and your site can be visible in search engine results.

Note that some “search engine validator” scripts do not support Javascript and cookies, and will report that your website is inaccessible. However, this is an error with the validator tool, and does not prevent search engine crawlers from working correctly.

If you suspect your site is not being indexed correctly by search engines, you may wish to sign up for the Webmasters service from search engines like Google and Bing. From there you will be able to see if the search engines have any problems accessing your site.”

Suggests to me I might need to manually upload a sitemap?


Are there any good guides available that you know of on how to do this?

Because Google indexes low traffic websites very slowly. Please have patience, it can take weeks for Google to index new pages if you have a new site with no history and few visitors.

Oh ok, I had assumed by the fact that the coverage section is now populated that it had actually finished crawling. I’ll wait then!

…still unclear why all these sitemap generator sites can only find the main page though…

You can actually submit a sitemap (I’ve done it). Just read the google tutorial on how to make a sitemap and upload the file. Then in console post the link to the sitemap and it should work. If not, then there are probably errors in your sitemap (hardest one for me was the date-time formatting).

fun fact, i create my sitemap, which is copied from basic example and including all my posts which you can see here.
Screenshot from 2021-01-04 21-17-52
submitted it, and doesn’t work?
Screenshot from 2021-01-04 21-19-26
i check online, and it’s because of this
so don’t worry, it’s actually working :wink:


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