Sitemap wont fetch

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

I seem to be doing something wrong

i did uncheck the tikbox in wp

how can I change the robot file ATM it is like this

ALSO, my files seem weird in my file manager as there is nothing in m htdocs but inside my folder called the other folder is empty the .epizy one and the normal htdocs is this correct?

Other Information

is everything right
I added on domain I never pointed a domain

Does one of the many, many other topics about this have an answer?

you think i haven’t tried that

I think Admin has linked to topics that they don’t have clear point or answers, but however if you really had tried it, you would find out topics like that (with just googling)


Yet you do think that by asking the same question once again will get you more answers this time?

you can try this too (for some it works)


thank you

sadly it did not work for me

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This is a fairly common problem on GSC

When I last tested your sitemap google could read it (access)
btw. for some people it just worked after 2 months of waiting

Couldn’t fetch : The sitemap could not be fetched for some reason. To learn why not, run a live test on the sitemap with the URL Inspection tool:

  1. Specify the complete path to your sitemap by copying the path prefix from “Add a new sitemap” and add the submitted sitemap’s relative path, for example: Use the values copied from the report in order to guarantee that you are testing the same URL that Google is using.

  2. Click Live test in the URL Inspection tool. This should give you information about whether the sitemap exists and can be fetched by Google.

I see you are using a yoast plugin - so depending on the additional information you get from the GSC
you may find this useful Common XML sitemap errors • Yoast

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