Sitemap How to make content-type be Application/xml not a text/html

I been creating a sitemap but Google need application/xml but the file generated is always detected as html . Is there someone who can explain to to make .xml file content-type: application/xml instead of text/html

Try to use a php file. sitemap.php

header("Content-type: application/xml");
echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\" ?>";
// and output any xml through the php echo statement

I’m using the code above

And create output like this…
I also configure hcdocs/.htaccess Rewrite rule to pass sitemap.xml to sitemap.php

But a validator and Google search console detect it as text/html

Did you check through an XML validator? Google thinks your file is written in HTML, so check it.

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Note that our browser validation system may also prevent sitemap validators from working correctly:

The security challenge is also presented as HTML content, which may explain the content type.


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