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Hi there,

Could I get some advice on the best way to create a sitemap?
I’ve used an online sitemap generator which has been accepted by Google’s search console however, it doesn’t seem to capture everything. I would like the ranking of the website to improve and to do that, a good and thorough sitemap is needed.

Sitemap currently:

Any tips on tools/formats I should be using?


The reason is because these online sitemap generators are not able to run javascript and store cookies

Since you are on free subdomain
and you don’t have, for example, Wordpress, where you could insert a plugin that would generate a sitemap,
I think the only thing left for you is offline mode

means downloading all files and putting them in a folder
and then create a sitemap on your PC through some program
(search on Google for " free offline site map generator")
and in the settings of that program you tell it to index a specific folder

Then open the sitemap xml file and edit each URL
so it doesn’t show your folders but starts with your domain


IMO sitemap generators are useless. Sitemaps are used to convey information about the structure of your site to help crawlers navigate more easily. Search engine crawlers will navigate your website themselves, and sitemaps can give them some additional information about how your site is structured.

So using a crawler to generate sitemap is pointless. Search engine crawlers are much more sophisticated that whatever free tool you’re using and are much better at navigating your site. A sitemap generated by a crawler adds no value at all.

So if you’re going to do sitemaps, then either:

  • Create the file yourself by hand, making sure that all URLs in there are included in the way that you want.
  • Generate the sitemap from your the software you use to build your website. Many CMS either generate sitemaps themselves or have plugins available that can do it (like Yoast SEO for WordPress). Since the website software actually knows the structure of your site, it can present this information to search engines.

If you aren’t doing either of these two, just don’t both with sitemaps.



And it doesn’t really make sense to do a sitemap in your case
because you use anchors (#blahblah)
means everything is on one page (half of your menu)
and the rest is on external destinations and has nothing to do with your site in terms of a sitemap.

So that one URL that you have in your sitemap is enough - because there is nothing else

At least try to lie and edit the date - so it does not show the old year 2022.

for example like this:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

<urlset xmlns:xsi=""

 xsi:schemaLocation=""    xmlns="">


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