Sitemap Generators find only one page

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I want to create a sitemap.

But sitemap generators find only one page.

How can I solve this problem?
I kindly requests your helps.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Online tools are blocked by the server so they are unable to view all the content of your site and create a corresponding sitemaps !
(Google is allowed - major popular crawlers are allowed)

The solution is to use some offline Sitemap generator and instruct it to review the local content of the folder in which is your website. (or simply write it yourself)

Wordpress plugin =



thanks you very very much.
Now I am very happy.
You solved my problem.

I have one more question to you.

When I create sitemap, which value must I choose for priority and frequency?

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You can see what my sitemap looks like

For the homepage I chose 1.0 and freq hourly
for all other pages lower value (but not excessively lower)

Of course I lie to search engines because I don’t change the pages that often but it can be useful :wink:

Btw. depending on how your sitemap generator is generated locations in the sitemap file
you may need to manually edit the URLs


modify the locations to http://yourDomain/SomePage.html
Instead of existing url there such as c:\user\Documents\web\somePage.html


Thank you very much for your helps.
Best regards.

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