Sitemap error

I tried to generate sitemap for my website but when i try to open the sitemap it says 404 error. Because of this google is not indexing my site. Please fix this.

Hello there,

Where is your sitemap located?
So we can verify whether we also get the same 404 error like the error you encountered.

It is located in htdocs

I meant the full path URL, like this

It is completely working fine and does not result to an error. Try clearing your browser cache.

How man.??when i try to load it says me 404 error

I told you to try clearing your browser cache.

Thnx bro thnx it fixed my issue.

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But when I try to upload my sitemap to GSC then it says sitemap could not read.

it may take few times to find it, try again multiple times.

I tried mamy times but shows the same error

Check this:

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