Sitemap could not be read

Hello, i treid to submit my sitemap to google with !
but it says couldnt fetch (Sitemap could not be read)
I placed it in my htdocs root folder, how can i fix this
Any help??

I think there’s an issue with google sitemap fetching for now.

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Does this mean i should contact google?

Your sitemap returns a 404 Error, so its probably not google, but your website itself.

The page is also returning this error (Change your Content-Security-Policy meta tag)

What returns 404 is favicon not sitemap.

@BayoDino No the whole page is saying 404 for me.

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I can see the sitemap page.

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It’s strange, on phone I can see it, but on PC it just returns 404 :confused:

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clear your cache?

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This may help.


You shouldn’t reply to me -_-

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