Sitecake not available

while trying to install sitecake from the softaculous page from my infinityfree dash I got the following error

I may have attempted this before and forgotten so I do apologize if this is the case

Why would you want to install a 2-year old repo? It probably does not even work with PHP8.2, and certainly has at least one vulnerability in it.


just wanted something easy to experiment with, has it been removed ?

That would be my guess based on the error message. Try installing it manually if you really want it.


I visited the sitecake website hoping to download and install it manually but it seems that it costs $99

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The version of SiteCake in Softaculous is from 2015. SiteCake has released newer versions since, but those don’t appear to be free anymore.

The changelog specifically lists PHP 8 support in the notes for the latest version, 2.5.0, so it’s very likely that the version of SiteCake from Softaculous doesn’t work anymore.

But I’ll ask iFastNet if they can fix the missing package at least.


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