SiteBuilder Error

**My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Error trying to build site from chosen template. Generates the error in the screenshot:

**I’m using this software:


Additional information:

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend that. It’s quite broken right now. I would recommend using a CMS like WordPress instead.

I will look into wordpress then. Is there anything else tool wise built into the host control panel I can use?

I have installed Wordpress but thats not working either.


Possible causes are remnants of previous website
if you have them you need to wipe it out first (also .htaccess in htdocs, etc.)
and then install WP

Now it would be best to uninstall WP and than install it on clean space

softaculous - if you want to uninstall
on the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse above that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then How to remove a installation

I will uninstall wordpress then but Sitebuilder probably caused the issue. How do I fix/remove that?

Just a hunch, but are you sure you’re looking at WordPress? Can you go into Softaculous, go into the Installations list and click the website URL there?

in Website Builder- click on the red trash button and select Remove this Website
Once the site has been removed, you will see the following confirmation message:
Website has been removed

I have never used it, but you definitely inspect it later via FTP (monsta) if htdocs folder is empty

if anything is left inside than delete it manually

but first pay attention to what admin said (maybe you already have WP in that folder)

Can you just confirm again how you remove this sitebuilder?
Not seeing any red trash icon as you can see. Just 2 buttons to load templates. The first button loads a page to pick templates and the other button just gives a 500 error:

I have uninstalled wordpress and the folder has gone from htdocs.
What else should I remove from htdocs??

first you need to go in Website Builder

ALL - clean state (I suppose you have nothing to lose, am I right?)

Should I remove like everything including the folders?

is address of that htdocs /htdocs/

if so
delete all files/folders/subfoders
inside of that address del me here :poop:

than install WP
If you want your users to access your site at
(call WordPress with the domain name) you will have to leave the In Directory field blank on the Softaculous/WordPress install form, then WordPress will be installed on the root of your domain ( htdocs ).

Well seem to be getting somewhere now. Cleared out and reinstalled. But on trying to login to admin page to edit wordpress it just times out with an error** didn’t send any data.


Then tried again and worked.
Maybe the servers are busy :thinking:

if it continues to happen (day or two) you’ll need an admin to investigate that

btw. congratulations and you can be proud of yourself :slight_smile:

once you finalize your website you can start using cloudflare ( faster rendering, download, secure/https, etc.)

there are a lot of topics in this forum about WP as well as CF (and of course on the internet)
so be free to use forum search tool :mag:
and do not forget - first read, read and then act

good luck buddy :slight_smile:

I managed with a few hours graft to get basic understanding of wordpress and produce a basic homepage. Its very flakey though and errors constantly and is quite slow. Was constantly having to reload pages several times. Im guessing this is something to do with the fact i have a limited free acount maybe.

While a free hosting account is limited, you should be able to consistently access your website.

The issue is that the IP address your website is on is currently being targeted for a DDoS attack. Because of that, the IP address had to be disabled to prevent damage to the system as a whole. The issue is being monitored, and the IP address will be re-enabled as soon as the attack has subsided.

Note that this does not mean your website specifically is the target of the DDoS attack. We host a lot of different websites on specific IP addresses, so it’s likely that another website was the target instead, and this is just collateral damage.

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