Site won't update when I upload anything

Hello, this is my first post.

I recently started working on a website but I noticed something since day 1.
When I upload any files or (most importantly) updating the index.html, it won’t update the next time I visit my website.

Okay, but here’s the weird part about it.
Try accessing this website:
You won’t see any images right? That’s when I just got started while creating the index.html.
Now try to access this:
:s You will see 4 images and the index works fine right?

So what I don’t is: Why isn’t the site updating whenever I go the the non-secured link?
I waited 24 hours and the index still hasn’t been updated yet. Any idea what I should do? :frowning:

Well, first of all, I see the background images both on the http:// and the https:// pages.

As for what’s causing it, I suspect it’s caused by browser cache. Do you get the same issue if you try to view the site with another browser or another device?

Hi again.

Yes, it could’ve been the browser cache… partly.
I use Google Chrome a lot and I have never visited the website on my other web browsers before.
So now I did and this is the result. It’s very strange. :expressionless:
All my browsers are up-to-date and I can confirm that I’ve never visited this site on Internet Explorer for instance. It’s slow and haven’t started up that browser in months (lol).