Site was down


Site was down about 16 hours ago. No access for now.
Can you help me please?

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my is same down server

Hence, for a few days your site will be down.


Can you tell me how long will it?

Well, I don’t think he can. Only iFastnet can answer that question.

It also depends on the *sshole that did the DDOS will continue to attack or not.


Well said! And I can’t tell you, but I can assume, and I can assume it shall be at least 2 more days?

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Maybe some bored 10 years old child wanting to take his foe’s website down for fun.

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I really hate people attacking other people’s websites like that.

If I was able to find him, I would give him a good kick. Or if he’s bigger than me, I will find other way to vent my stress on him :crazy_face:


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