Site update not visible

Hello to the community
i ve update my website since friday & i can’t see the modifications (cosmetics things :some shodows ,bleu title background)
uploaded with filezilla
i have clean the cache of chrome
1 Open the Chrome menu, click on More tools then on Development tools
2 Then right-click on the refresh icon.
3 In the menu that appears, click Clear cache and perform a forced refresh .
i ve also clean the cookies of the site
i still have the old version on chrome

What i doing wrong?
in advance a big Thank’s For Your Help

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Have you tried:

  1. Visiting .
  2. Using another browser.
  3. Pressing Ctrl + F5 keys in your site?
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Than’s for your reply BayoDino
yes i ve try with other computer & my mobile with firefox & clean cache also
no change visible

Can you please send a screen shot of what do you see?

did you see black shadows & bleu background title on the 1 page?

what i see

my cosmetics change

so wich one do you see?

I also saw the old version. Did you make sure you upload the new files on your htdocs folder, and then clear your browser cache after that?

yes i am sure i ve clear the cache 50 times since 2days

Sorry if I was a bit late.

I see the old version of your site, it looks that you’ve updated an incorrect file.

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ok i retry all
thank’s for your précious help guys
i not alone :grinning:

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turn off the internet saver mode.

Hello Lemon
can you explain me how to do or if you have link to learn that

Now the new version is shown fine for me! If you still have problems, please clear your browser cache.

@anon39645531 If you only have it enabled, you also need to disable it, by the way. I think he doesn’t have it enabled, so that solution is not working.

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thank’s Ergastolator1
yes i ve reloaded everything & i see it too

very strange thing …
maybe error with filezilla when i upload
thank’s for your help & time

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You can also upload from Online file manager or Edit your file directly from there :slight_smile:

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