Site unreachable, cPanel login takes forever

Since 1h or so, my site does not load anymore or is extremely slow.
The same goes for cPanel, it loads forever.

I have Cloudflare enabled and it says also:

Error 520

Ray ID: 5d4a2a641cf70b6b • 2020-09-18 09:50:56 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

Its ok again,
I want to evaluate this service and i care a lot about downtimes.

Today my site is unreachable. It is not suspended. The main site is reachable and running smoothly.

I am building a site containing free tools I create. It is still in infancy stage. I have a plan to buy the service once the free tools will be ready for average users.

I see that the problem in this server is downtime.
Please fix this problem.

Welcome to the community!
This seems like a global issue.
Let Admin Clarify


This is caused by a Website being DDoS Attacked 3 times in the same week. All the websites that share the IP are down at the moment.

Maybe @Admin should announced about this problem.

I agree. This is a major issue… This shouldn’t happen again :confused: I found the hacker that did one of the attacks (Or my friend found them) and they promised they wouldn’t do it again :confused:

I think a large Hosting Company needs to take DOS and DDOS always into account and has to be prepared for such situations.

I too agree but this is FREE Hosting.
They are trying their level best.(Sometime it fails)

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