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Good Morning,

does anyone have any idea what may have happened to my site? I already checked the panel and it is active, but it is not possible to access

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does this help you?


Are you on a free plan??

I am, and literally all of our sites have stopped working in the past ten minuets… There has to be an incentive to go tyo a paid plan, they’ll allow us access again soon, we just have to be patient…

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Not, esse dominio já estava sendo utilizado. Site estava operando normalmente.

TRANSLATION BY MOD: Not, this domain was already being used. Site was operating normally.


Yes, I have a free account.

It may be a limitation.


Your site is working now, it was only a temporary problem, i have checked it…

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Please clear your browser caches to see the updated view of the site.

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Thanks! it’s working again

it’s working again

Sorry I don’t understand.

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