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Hello, I hope all is well.

I appear to have had my domain which was free stolen by freenom. These things are what they are, My question to you guys is, if I register another demain, and park it on my account, can I just cut and paste the files on my server from Filezilla into the new domain directory, and everything work fine??

I have a backup of the files taken just now, if I re upload them, I will go over the inode limit. Obviously I will delete one site when I know the other is fine, but I will go over if I have to duplicate evrything, and I do not want to incur any blocks etc…

I would much rather it be possible to move the files rather than add more… Is that possible…

Also, the site was with an ssl from the old domain… If I register another one, and get an SSL for it, will it still open? Or is there a way I can get my Joomla to go back to http until I getthe new domain sorted? Can I register the same domain name anywhere else and it still work OK??

What do I need to do??



What is your telephone number?? How can I contact you guys via phone from here in England to sort this out?? Seems pointless using this really when I can just call you??

Hi Paul

First try re-registering this old domain

this is copy paste from Freenom


Your selected domain name is a domain name that has been cancelled, suspended, refused or reserved at the Registry. It may be available for re-registration at


How are ya OXY, yeh they want 8.22 for a free domain mate, we are a voluntary organisation, we have already registered the domain name with them in the past hour, and I have just renamed the directory as in the file manager, but I can’t add the domain to the control panel, as it saying is already assigned and in use?? I can’t find it… Ideally the swines won’t try and rip me off lol… But they are doing as this image shows…

I love the way they are portaying an 8.22 increase for a free domain as a special lol, you have to admire their audcaity really :slight_smile:

You’ll need to create another hosting account for that domain in the Client Area. You can’t just rename the directory from your old domain to your new domain.

After creating a new hosting account for your domain, it should take a few mins for your new account to get activated and once it’s activated you can upload your backup to your new site by using that hosting account’s FTP password.

InfinityFree does not provide a one-on-one assistance that’s why this forum exists.
You can contact them via [email protected] but it’s only for business inquiries and not for support.

Yeh I am uploading some files now to see if it works, I have the new domain already on there…

What will happen with the SSL though?? Obviously I have an active certificate for the expired domain, how can I open the transferred files if my Joomla is on HTTPS, the certificate is in the other domain??

Obviously I have just added CNAMES to the new subdomain, but I will have to wait for them to point at the right place won’t I, why can’t I just transfer the other site to this domain, just cut and paste them from your end?? Why should I be doing all of your work, as it feels a bit like that, you could sort this in seconds just by moving one HTdocs file from one folder to another directory??

InfinityFree does not provide a one-on-one assistance that’s why this forum exists.
You can contact them via [email protected] but it’s only for business inquiries and not for support.

Well that is no good really is it… It would be much easier, how can people be allowed to provide a service and hang people out to dry when it goes wrong??

I’ll let the Admin answer that for you, I think he’ll let you fully understand why. I do understand the reason why but I’m not gonna explain it on behalf of IF.

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I’m sure they will, as it is certainly a fair question… The poor deserve good customer service too…

It all seems to be getting sorted anyway, apologies if I exceeded my Inode limit temporarily, but all should be back in order now…

We’re not “hanging you out to dry”. After all, why would we have a community support forum if we didn’t intend to support you?

Please keep in mind that both InfinityFree and iFastNet are for-profit companies offering a free hosting service. We’re not a charity organization, and we can’t and won’t offer enterprise grade services for free.

At the end of the day, we need to have an economically sustainable business here, and that means we need to keep our costs for the free service down as much as possible. We have a custom hosting platform to keep the infrastructure costs down. But (support) staff is a bigger cost factor, which is why we have a good KB and a forum for support instead of dedicated support staff for tickets. And phone support is more expensive than tickets.

This is very common for free hosting and free services in general.

Yet they rarely get it.

Good customer service costs money. The rich can pay for that service, and the poor can’t. Sometimes the rich have to pay for the poor, sometimes the poor get worse or no service. What’s fair? That’s a political discussion I would rather not get into.


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