Site timing out and "too many login attempts" with FTP


or “Too many login attempts” in File Manager or FTP

I hadn’t attempted to access the site the entire day.



Please use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla. If you are still having issues, please share the full error logs.



I tried Filezilla as well, I get this error:

And I still get this when I try and login through the File Manager

I have tried updating my password

Which logs do you want to see? I do not see a logs option for the web account.

This support article seems to suggest what I’m seeing is a problem with the Hosting volume

Whom do I contact for that?

I believe hosting account was not created correctly.
Can you delete the free subdomain and create another hosting account?

The server your website on is down right now. It seems like it could be storage related, because both the site itself and FTP seems to be inaccessible.

I don’t know why it’s down or how long it will take for it to come back up.

This will likely resolve itself when the server is back up. Alternatively, you can remove the domain from this account and add it to a new account, but please note that your files will be inaccessible until the server is back up, so you’ll either need to restore them from your own backup or recreate them to set up your site on the new account.

EDIT: The site just came back up! Can you please try if FTP access is working as well now?


Yes, it’s back! Thanks

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