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My site was recently suspended due to high activity. I havn’t even finished building it and its not live yet so should not be getting any traffic. Can you advise what I might be doing wrong and double check as it could be another tenant clogging up your servers? Its a word press site with ecommerce plugins. I would of thought your servers should be able to cope with it. Its not heavyweight I don’t think. I don’t have a backend database doing thousands of queries. I think you should review this urgently otherwise I will be going elsewhere. Your advertising as having unlimited bandwidth etc but I have noticed my hosting is very slow. I shouldn’t be getting any traffic. Maybe hackers or spammers are doing something to it somehow.


My site is: epiz_23486427

Follow this article for more informations. After the site is back, my personal recommendation is to install a caching plugin, like Autoptimize, to optimize all the files in the website and generate less traffic on the website, because WordPress is known to be a big CMS, like Drupal and Joomla and every page load may cause CPU spikes with it.

Many thanks. I will investigate that.

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The CPU usage is calculated for individual accounts. So no, your account will not be suspended for another website overloading the servers. We limit resources on account to prevent that kind of impact from occurring.

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My account “epiz_24195833” Temporary suspended . Not visiting On to cpu limit . Unwanted spam comments automatically posted on my site .help

I suggest to add the SSL and the security of CloudFlare on your website, and put the security level as “High” and a lower Challenge Passage Time on the CloudFlare dashboard.

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