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Pls I have a question?

For a free web hosting plan, what is the maximum number of visitors I can receive without my site being suspended??

You can receive 1 fewer visitors than the number that will cause your account to be suspended.

Joking aside: nobody can tell you that. We limit things we can measure on the server: hits, CPU usage, connections, processes. “Visitors” is a business level metric, it’s meaningless from a hosting perspective. How those visitors behave and how your website works can make the difference between being able to serve 10 or 10,000 visitors.

If you can tell more about your website and how much visitors you expect, maybe we can make an educated guess about whether free hosting would be able to handle it for you.

But if you want to know for sure, you’ll just have to get the visitors on your site and watch the usage graphs.


My website is

It’s a website that offer digital services
It’s to show people my portfolio and services I offer.

Can up to 70 people check my site at once. Will there be a suspension.

Cos, I also use the site for educational purposes

If it’s a largely non-interactive website, it shouldn’t use too much resources. Although 70 simultaneous visitors is quite a lot. If that’s a single access spike, it should be fine, but if you expect 70 concurrent visitors for large parts of the day, that can amount to quite a large number of visitors in total.

The limits are the same for all accounts. We don’t provide extras for specific purposes.


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