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So, I got suspended, I logged out, etc, waited a day, and got suspended again, before I could even log in to try and deactivate plugins that might be using io activity. I checked at ip-tracker, no hits on the website for 4 days. Hence I have no idea what is causing the io activity ?

Ah! The worst thing that happens with me too. In mid nights.
So you actually need to (try) to login at the time of reactivation, because that is the only alternative other than premium hosting.

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I know, and then when I look at the control panel stats, the graphs do not touch the red limit line - very confused and would like to know if I am doing something wrong.
I am a student and this website development is a Tafe assignment, with a submission date, so delays will disadvantage my progress.

Odd, it would seem that either the graphs or the enforced limits are wrong. This is probably a bug in the platform, and I asked iFastNet to investigate.

I did take a quick look at the installed plugins in your site to find any obvious reasons what could have caused you to hit the IO limit. The main thing that caught my attention was the backup plugin you had installed. Backup plugins tend to not work very consistently, and the collecting and compressing of a full site can use quite a bit of IO. So maybe disabling that plugin helps.


Thanks for your response. I Managed to get in last night, de-activated most plug-in’s, except the security ones, no backup plugin (does not work), but good idea, so to be safe I ran a download of /hdocs/ with FileZilla. Thinking I can carry on working this morning, but alas got to my computer this morning to see the account was again suspended 2 hours ago (09h02 my time zone) - not sure what I am doing wrong ?

I’m sorry, but I don’t know why your account’s IO usage is so high. We only track the total IO usage for the entire account, so I can’t tell you exactly what website/code/script/plugin generated the IO usage.


Are you on wordpress? then i might help.

Yup - I am using WordPress, I have de-activated most plug-ins except security and am now waiting for it to re-activate so I can try to de-activate the rest. All while I have this assignment to submit to TAFE next week, so I am getting stressed about this now - please help (thankyou)

which security plugin?

Ok, locked out again, before I could do anything. The current plug-ins are: Elementor, Really simple SSL, Sucuri Security and WooCommerce - all the others have been de-activated. When I can get in again, I hope to switch Woo Commerce off, to see if that is the problem, because the pay features dont work on free site anyway. But still don’t know what is wrong ???

Have you migrated your WordPress recently?

Nope - just being trying to tweek the SEO stuff using Yoast and then was going to try and optimise size/speed and stuff with WP-optimise - but have been locked out for the last 10 days … not good at all !!

Oh sad.

I see the use graph now shows spikes above the red line limit, but don’t understand the low point between these spikes. Should these not be zero as they are the day when the site is suspended, so logically should be zero. I think this zero base line error is why it makes it look like I go over this limit - please advise

The counters reset every day, but that point in time does not relate to the suspension and reactivation times of your site.

Suppose the counters are reset at midnight. During the day, the website is used a lot, so at 15:00, you hit the daily limit and the account is suspended. At midnight, a new day starts and the counters are reset. Then, at 15:00 your account is reactivated and traffic picks up again. From that time, until midnight, you still generate some server use (but not enough to use up your daily quota).

In short, during the 24 hours of suspension your accounts generates no usage. But the days as seen in the graph do not show that exact period of 24 hours.


Ok thanks. There are no scripts that I know of, and so far I have managed to remove most plug-ins, have activated and run WP-Optimize to stream-line everything and switched caching on to minimise i/o activity.
When next I can get in, I will try to remove the sub-domain which I used to test, until I managed to get my paid domain pointed at you DNS servers, I deleted the sub-domain HDOCS/ files so as not to wast disk space about the time this i/o activity started - so I hope removing this sub-domain stops this strange i/o activity.
Any other ideas on how to reduce this strange i/o activity - thanks

Managed to get in to try and get this io activity minimised yesterday, as in the pic, there has been no external activity since 1 Sept

Hi There
Ok so seriously confused. As per these email notifications received today, Account was suspended at 05:05AM this morning, then 9 hours later, while suspended with no activity, we reached 50% as per the email at 02:03PM - does not make any sense to me, as you said there is no activity while suspended, so this should not be possible (?) please help