Site suspended without receiving traffic

My site is suspended for exceeding the CPU limits, how can this happen if I didn’t even touch it today and according to Google Analiytcs I only received 4 visitors?

Can you specify the reason for suspending the page? It will be available in your Webpage account
(Login to your account - InfinityFree)

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If you are using wordpress, a plugin uses too much processing power you should find it and delete it (examples for plugins that use too much processor power: yoast seo, Google Analytics and more …) this can help you more What does the CPU limit mean - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

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“My site is suspended for exceeding the CPU limits”

opps… didn’t see that

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In the client area is a link with the text “Learn more about this limit”. That article also has a paragraph “My website doesn’t have any traffic, why was it suspended?”. Maybe that answers your question?

It specifically talks about this happening to people who use Cloudflare. Which it seems you do too.

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