Site suspended for no reason

My site doesn’t load and eventually information about suspended site appears. I have checked Account Details in Client Area and Status is Active. Also no limits has been hit. So what is the reason for my site being suspended?

I get a timed out error, so your site is not suspended.

Taking a look at your IP address, it is down right now, so this is probably the reason:


It was suspended for 24h and reason was 50 000 limit hit which was very unlikely. Then it was activated and suspended again after few moments due to abuse. I have opened ticked and probably will have to change hosting becasue I don’t have anything malicious on my site and there was no real reason to suspend it.

Note that bots are big factors in this. And the larger Your site, the more hits that a single pageload uses.

“Abuse” is just the generic reason. When the support team comes online, they would be able to explain it better.


According to our metrics, your site got more than a million hits in a single day. Unfortunately, we don’t actually store the access logs this is based on, which means we don’t have the ability to verify this manually.

It may be unlikely, but it can happen due to bot traffic.


This means permanent ban. Very likely…


OK, the problem is I need to download my database to re-create phpBB forum somewhere else. Since control panel cannot be opened there is no way for me to do this.

You will have to ask in the support ticket.


The only good thing about losing my website after a year of being online is that I received backup and I was able to migrate it quickly here.

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