Site suspended because of exceeding CPU limit

InfinityFree have suspended my account because, I am told, I have exceeded my CPU limit. I have also received several warnings.
HOWEVER when I look at the usage graphs (as instructed on the messages) I am nowhere near my limits.
Also the suspension/warnings occur on days when I am NOT doing any maintenance on my site - which would be a time I would expect to be using more resources.
I only have pluggins loaded that I use, my library/pages is kept to a minimum so why do I keep on receiving these messages/actions?

That CPU status on CPanel isn’t live status, you know?
Delayed by some hours, maybe.


What plugins do you have loaded? A lot of plugins take up CPU power, even if you have little to no visitors on your site.


Thanks for coming back.

Above are my monthly stats for CPU usage - I do not understand how my CPU use warrants a suspension and two warnings!

Thank you for coming back.

Above are the plugins. I only have five, most of those relate to composing the site not running it so I do not think this is excessive - though I fully support your idea that plugins can use excessive CPU.

The reason the graphs don’t hit the limit is because they show averaged samples. Brief but intense load spikes might cause you to use a lot of CPU power but not show up as such in the metrics.

I wish I could tell you more about what happened to your CPU usage exactly. Unfortunately, detailed resource usage metrics are only available with premium hosting.


I keep on receiving warnings/suspensions but the graphs do not show usage anywhere near the limit. You refuse to tell me why this is happening - except if I buy premium. I have also been advised my site is very successful (which isn’t true) and I should buy premium hosting.
Therefore I feel you are trying to force me to take out Premium Hosting - which was my intention when my site was actually successful. Your actions lead me to believe you are waiting for customers to build their sites then make them buy Premium with false claims of improper usage. Since it is your service, without any regulation, you can do these things.
However I object to these tactics and have therefore moved my site elsewhere.The statistics of my usage and your responses to my usage will be included in my review of your site.

I’m sorry, but what makes you so sure that these claims are false. Do you have metrics which prove that the metrics we show are incorrect? If the resource counters are incorrect, we should (and will) fix that.

So far, all I’ve seen is that the graph doesn’t show that you hit the limit. However, this is a known characteristic. The resource suspensions are based on increasing counters, while the graphs are based on aggregated samples. So if you have a short spike, this will be counted against your total usage but not shown as such in the graph.

As to why iFastNet chose to implement the graphs in this way, I don’t know.

Do you have any strong evidence to support your claim that our metrics are wrong? If you do, I’d be more than happy to investigate. Because so far, I don’t see anything that’s not working as intended.


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