Site still up after Account Deactivation

Deactivated my account with this website a very long time ago (probably > 1 year ago at this point) and while the domain name is gone, the website is still accessible via My epiz username was epiz_31283489, which matches the numbers in the url.

Any way I can get this domain deleted?

Did you upgrade to premium? That looks like a premium IP address.

I think this is entirely coincidental, however I could be wrong.



User account numbers are randomly generated
and have nothing to do with IP
nor is IP assigned to accounts

Please contact Amazon



Didn’t upgrade to premium! Crazy coincidence though.

Any idea how to get the site taken down by the InfinityFree folks though?

InfinityFree/iFastNet do not manage any IPs in the range of 3.128.34.xx.

The website that appears when you access that IP is hosted by Amazon INC (AWS), not InfinityFree.


And… looking at the links on that IP, the domain name is not registered.

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