Site still down

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
white page form when the site was created, 6 days ago

I’m using this software:
web browser

Additional information:
I waited much more then 72 h (for DNS problems), but nothing. Others errors from me??

I can see your website, but it throws a HTTP ERROR 500 for me:

Hello Ergastolator1, many thanks for your answer. I’m now tryng to launch (it is the default file of infinityfree - as found in their directory. So: no php at all). I am still receiving the error (on all devices): ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. But this evening the server does not accept login or FTP from me… !! Tomorrow is another day…

For me that URL works fine. If that won’t work for you, try changing the DNS to a faster resolver like or OpenDNS or use a VPN.

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Hello, from yesterday night it works for me too. Many thanks for you advices.

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