Site redirects to /?z

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: A redirect to “” (which further redirects to some ad pages). My account in new (today). I was able to set up the site and use it a few hours ago. Only recently (in the past half hour) have I noticed the redirect.

I’m using this software: Firefox.

Additional information: I don’t see any problems on my control panel. It says my site is “active”

My site started working this morning (I didn’t change anything).

Due to DNS propagation, it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name to start working: This duration varies a lot, because it’s influenced by many different factors, most of them outside of our control.

What I find strange is that it goes back-and-forth. It worked within just a few minutes of me setting it up, then it stopped a few hours ago; the next morning it worked and now it’s failing again.

I guess I have to just wait the 72 hours to see if it resolves on it’s own.

there are two separate problems or unlucky series for you

the first is done (about DNS propagation so forget it)

the second is:

the new wave has started again so please everyone who has a similar problem please do not open new topics
thank you for understanding

The new wave? What do you mean by that? I know this is a free service and I can’t really complain about quality of something that I don’t pay for, but it’s been 2 days already. A hosting site that is broken for days at a time is not very useful.

that means that many unavailable websites started to work but after 2-12h the symptoms are returned

if the culprit is DDoS that also means that “one” who controls BotNet has intensified the attack
or expanded its target IP range

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