Site Redirects To

Whenever i edit my site via file manager through cPanel, my site goes completely down, and redirects itself to

It takes about an hour for it to start redirecting back to my site, so editing my site really sucks for me, and is a waste of time.

Can anyone help? Thanks

Maybe I can help. Can you please tell me your username so I can check the logs of your account?

Do you use CloudFlare?

Sometimes, CloudFlare can also cause this problem.

I have a problem with my page too, when i go to another seccion, the page is redirecting to Suspected phishing site | Cloudflare

This is my username: fceu_18324114

Hello @zollomusic.

I am unsure about exact cause of this error cause it could be caused by various and different reasons, however could you please tell me what kind of website you are running, CMS like WordPress, Joomla or other Content Management Systems or you have your own custom built website?

It also matters if there are any scripts or codes in the section that is redirecting you to error page cause bad or broken scripts that fail to generate content or do that what they are supposed to do usually trigger errors like these.

Most likely your domain has already gone through DNS propagation because you said that you are getting error 404 only on one specific section however if you have recently created your account and you cannot access your whole site at all it could be DNS propagation related error however this is very much unlikely situation…