Site redirects- hijacked by adware

All new websites I start redirect- infinity free is obviously hijacked by malware. Do you offer any remedy for this?

What’s your site url and where does that redirect?

my 2nd and 3rd urls are, and They redirect to “traveldeals”, google play, and various other random things.

The first site I registered still works but I’ve lost access to the admin page.


Did you notice the flashing orange banner in your client area, saying what you should do if your website is not working yet? If so, you may want to check that for more information.

The TL;DR is that new domain names can take a few days to be visible everywhere due to factors outside of our control. Your website should be visible everywhere in 2-3 days, but usually much less.

There are some things you can do to see your website already, which are described in the article @anon19508339 linked to. Just make sure you don’t touch your domain settings while you wait, because that’s likely to just make it worse.


I guess I need to wait three days to confirm, but I’m not getting an error page, or a sites not up yet page, instead the pages are redirecting in the middle of loading to a series of other websites. I know what adware looks like. Are you saying that when my pages don’t load infinityfree has them set to load to other companies pages? Isn’t that unethical?

Now both your sites work fine to me. If you still have this problem. Try to clear your browser cache or dns one.


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