Site redirecting to https super slow

(using commas instead of periods cause I’m new user and can’t write more than two links in one post)

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
site turning from white screen to actual site super slow if I just type in “dksdroner,ga”

I’m using this software:
infinityfree for hosting, wordpress for site building, Cloudflare for protection, sslforfree,com for ssl certificate, and Safari and Chrome browser

Additional information:
when I just type in “dksdroner,ga”, it redirects to “dksdroner,ga/?=1” as it should, but the it takes a very long time to fill in the “https;//www,” part. I have tried to paste in “https;//www,dksdroner,ga”, and the site redirects to “https;//www,dksdroner,ga/?=1” as it should, fine and fast, and loads without problems.

For me it was giving this screen:

when I tried to use the HTTPS version of the URL. The screen, translated from Italian, says:

The site can’t offer a protected connection uses a non-supported protocol.

With http it works fine and redirects to the SSL version.

i also posted this on the Cloudflare forum, where someone asked me to route my traffic through Cloudflare. I changed it back again, so it should start working. (the reason the site was loading slow, was too many redirects)

You had to set the SSL option from Flexible to Full, and change the WP URL settings from http to https!

It loads super slow again now :weary:

Some IPs on iFastNet’s Free Hosting Service (and its affiliates) are slower than hell. I would suggest you to install caching to optimize the page loads, or use CloudFlare’s minifier option, to cache/minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, and Rocket Loader, that asyncs JavaScripts to load faster.

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