Site Builder Timeout

When I open the site builder for my site it shows a cloudflare error saying timeout and host error. Any way to fix?

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I am also having this issue!

Just so you know it’s error 524

What URL actually says timeout? Does it show in the address bar or


the link is[5 digit number that i probably shouldn't share]

You can share that number, it’s just your account username.


Ok. What do i do about the timeout?

Having same issue with site builder, looks like its broken, seeing timed out message from Cloudflare.

This URL is getting timed out

Hmm… it seems Site Builder is no longer supported on free hosting

I am also having this issue!

That’s a different site builder (specifically, the default one that was offered before support for it was discontinued), where did you get this?

In any case, I created a test site builder from the client area and can, too, confirm the issue.[site number here] times out.


There are two SiteBuilders KangJL. The one in the control panel has been gone for years.

To everyone here: I ran some tests, and the error appears to be on InfinityFree’s side / connection with the sitebuilder. Hopefully Admin will fix this soon.

For staff

It works on TH


I also ran some tests. It’s not on our side, and I cannot fix this. appears to be blocking access to our IP addresses. I don’t know why exactly but I’m currently running some tests to try to find this out.

Yes, I know it works elsewhere. The connection also works from our code running in development and the connection works from other production servers on our end too.

I can’t say for certain why’s IP address doesn’t respond to our connections but I’m guessing it could be rate limiting or other block from

I’ve reprovisioned our web servers to get a fresh set of servers and IP addresses. This appears to have resolved the issue for now. I’ll try to keep an eye on this and contact if this happens again.


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