"publish" can't connect to hosting server

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Error: Builder could not connect to hosting server. Please check hosting firewall. It must allow FTP connections from builder server.”

Other Information

I’ve finally built my tiny one page website with the site builder - it’s super simple. I only need a couple images, centered on the page, with a few links on the images. When I try to use the button to publish to my infinityfree site, I get the error above.

I checked the file manager for your account as well, which tells me FTP is not accessible for your account, at least using the credentials the client area has recorded for your account.

Please try the steps from this article to try to fix your FTP access (you can verify it with the file manager):


Hey thanks for the super fast reply. So, I can access the FTP no problem from my desktop app, WINSCP. I probably should’ve mentioned that. I was just thinking there was somewhere I needed to allow access to the FTP for the site builder tool on I will check out what you shared and see if I can fix the issue. I’ll report back shortly.

So it was just the password. It wasn’t synchronized across all the services :slight_smile: Thank you SO MUCH. I was pulling my freakin’ hair out yesterday.

It also seems that when people go to the URL, it shows them the standard infinityfree page? not the one i’ve setup on there


What URL is that?

You may also want to clear your browser cache, it’s possible that the page was installed correctly but your browser is not loading it.


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