I am trying to opn up my website builder to edit the pages and I keep getting this message:
Could not launch Site.Pro
An unknown error occurred while connecting to your account! Please try again later.
My internet is fine, I don’t have any other issues anywhere else, I haven’t changed anything since it was working ok yesterday. Can someone please help?

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What is your account username and domain name?


I was trying to figure out how to create my own question but couldn’t find anything other than the ‘reply’ button. This is not easy to navigate if you are not a tech wiz.
My domain is
Where can I find my user name?

I just tried to open Site.Pro for your domain and it worked fine from here. So perhaps the

did it?

The account connection is between our dashboard and your hosting account. It’s not a problem on your end.


Ok, thank you.
It works now.
Does this happen often, do you know?

It’s not working again.
But this is a different problem with a different warning message:
FTP connection error
Error: Builder could not connect to hosting server. Please check hosting firewall. It must allow FTP connections from builder server.

You’re the first one ever to report ever seeing this error. So it doesn’t seem to happen often.

That error message is highly misleading. There is no hosting firewall to check, and builder access is allowed.

Most likely, it’s just some other temporary issue, so please just check again later.