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Hello everyone,
who can help me in the problem encountered

impossibility to publish with
(as per attached photos)
thank you all

Try logging to again ?

No, it’s a backend error, so that will not work

@ArP22RC, you are getting that error because your account is suspended.


No, he gives it anyway, even when the account is not suspended.
The suspension of the account is absurd, they say that the site has already exceeded 50,000 visits a day, when the same is still in progress and nobody knows about it !! It is beyond all logic !!

they suspended him, just to try to sell the upgrade !! which is very unfair and counterproductive, since in this way they lose the possible customers who use the web space.

Sorry, but who is “he” and “him”?

Also, it’s not 50,000 visits, it’s 50,00 hits. So every file requested is on hit, and bots count as well. For example, most websites have external CSS and JS, right? So every time you load the page, you might use 9 hits:
3 CSS files
2 JS files
The index file
Config file
Header file
Footer file

Bots will sometimes reload a page multiple times, and that pushes the count high. Also, if your website using a lot of files per load, that does it as well


no, you are wrong, the account is just 50,000 as indicated by the email received
“We allow a free hosting account 50000 hits per day.”

the site is not visited by anyone, as it is under construction, and not public !!!

how is it possible that in a single day it could have reached the 50,000 visits as indicated, I find it really absurd and unreal !!!

Again, both bots and yourself count as hits. And one hit is one file request, not one visit. Your site will be unlocked in 24 hours, in the meantime, I recommend you read the below article.


I had already read the article, but the only consideration for what is written is the following: TOTAL ABSURD, given that the site consists of only 1 page with approximately 30/35 images, it cannot possibly reach 50,000 visits since it is viewed by no one, except by the web technician who created it!

If you have 30 images, and 8 supporting files (CSS, JS, PHP, ex), that is 39 (you need to count the index file) hits per load. That is 1,282 loads per day. So between everyone who loads your website (Yourself, and web bots), the page can only be loaded about 1000 times per day. My personal website (Not on Google) gets about 200-500 bot hits per day. So maybe a bunch of bots decided to hit your website yesterday, no one knows. Also, it’s only a 24 hour suspension, take a day off.

If you bought a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare, and that would reduce the number of hits on the server.

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Note: OP is using free subdomain.

it seems rather strange to me, since the account is free, and is not known by anyone, and above all it is not advertised on the internet, so all those visits must not exist !!!

It’s the internet. When you registered the domain, it was made public. Bots watch for new domain registration. That domain of mine I mentioned in my last reply? It’s URL is known only to me, and somehow it gets a ton of bot traffic.

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ok, but so many seem really too many !!!

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