at another sub-directory of the domain

My domain is

I am already using website builder to build a website at the domain by selecting the directory as

Now, I’m planning to make different websites at the same domain but, in different subdirectories like,

However, when I go to add a new site builder, I can’t choose any directory other than htdocs (I have created the required directories using FTP).

I know how to do this using sub domains or add on domains, but, I would like to do it using sub directories.

Also, I can use other site builders (like Kopage from cPanel or use the installer) or code myself for that part, but, I just wanna know if I can use I’m habitual to using it. So, it’d be better if I can carry on with it.

SitePro doesn’t support installing websites to subdirectories. Sorry.

Thanks for information.