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Ask an administrator to enable this


If you want more features in Site.Pro, you will have to upgrade to a Site.Pro premium subscription.

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i use infinityfree site builder to use and i need to use advanced tools but it says to ask an admin to enable it

I know what you are talking about. If you want more features in the sitebuilder, you have to upgrade to a paid Site.Pro subscription

but its not my account. it was made by infinityfree

i cant even see the dashboard

Visit and select a link

that allows me to use the tools on my own account but not publish the site without buying a new domain. cant you just enable the tools for me for the site builder?

can anyone who has access to my website enable the tools?

@Admin can you give me advanced tool on because i use site builder and i need the tool.

Sign up at and link your custom domain there

Admin is unlikely to enable the features as they are paid.

It is recommended to use other builders such as Wordpress


The reason these features are not available because on our hosting is using a free, promotional tier. Enabling access to the advanced features (as well as removing the page limit) would require us to pay for a premium license, and the cost per site are just too high for free hosting.

If you like and wait the full functionality of their web builder, you can get a paid plan at directly that includes both premium website hosting as well as the full builder functionality.


i cant as it is a sub domain due to infinity free

Well then, you’ll need to make use of what you have, or follow SpookyKipper’s tip and look for an alternative:

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