Site Opens in CellPhone But Not in Laptop


Hello. First time user here. Newbie. Anyway, here’s my story.

  1. Successfully Installed OPENCART
  2. Waited overnight for website to be in the DNS servers
  3. Opened the website this morning on my cellphone, and OPENCART showed! Yey!
  4. Tried the same thing on my laptop, nothing happens, just the three blue dots in the middle of the screen.

Help Please…

Please try clearing the browser cache on your laptop.
Also, what is your website url?

Your website shows a parking page for me.

Tried clearing my browser’s cache.
Tried using another browser with a cleared cache.

Still doesn’t work.

Do as I recommended:

“Can you try removing the domain from the control panel, and adding it back again? This will force a refresh in the system.”

How do i do that? Please forgive me for my ignorance.

Find these in cPanel.

ok… will do that. wih me luck.

Did this exactly.
Still doesn’t work.
Tried it on my Cellphone.
Now OPENCART is gone, and I see a directory listing.

What have I done? :frowning:

You must reinstall opencart then. I think the files must have been removed when you removed the domain.

Ok. Will do that. Will keep you posted.

Gee thanks man!

This is what I got

It’s installing. Just needed to create another folder.

Thanks again man.

Tried it on my cellphone. OPENCART now appears again.

Tried it on the browser. Still no luck. Just the 3 blue dots.

oh ok. it now works on he browser!
clicked the link from the opencart installation page.

the new link is now

thanks a lot man! you saved my day… :slight_smile:

Please Change Your home page name to index.html or index2.html . Then your problem will fix
upload This html file and Try

Download link -
index.html (13.2 KB)

To test your Problem

The issue has been fixed.

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