Site not working

Website address is

Error Message

My website says server IP not found

Other Information

I removed cloudflare from my Cname so that my MX would work. Now, my website is not working. Please help

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You are allowed to add MX records to your Cloudflare account, so I would recommend putting your domain back on Cloudflare, then add the MX records using Cloudflare’s DNS settings.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


I tried adding DNS from cloudflare. It said my dns is hosted by their partner bye

Can you please show a screenshot of this message?

Note that your nameservers must be set to Cloudflare’s before you can add the DNS records.

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This means you’re using our Cloudflare integration. If you’re using Cloudflare through a hosting partner, you cannot set DNS records through Cloudflare, only through the hosting provider. And because of the way the Cloudflare integration works with our system, you cannot set any other DNS records.

Solution: disable our Cloudflare integration and sign up with Cloudflare yourself.

The section will be invisible in your control panel. But if you login to the control panel first, you can view it by going to this URL:


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