Site not reachable after adding errorpages

I made some custom errorpages and added them in my control panel. But the panel automatically added http in front of the https-link I filled in. Afterwards my site wasn´t reachable anymore. This error is on the p


So I deleted all errorpages from the control panel and still my site is not reachable.

Then I used .htaccess for the errorpages but that didn´t work either, so I deleted these rules from the .htaccess and I deleted my errorpages, but still no result.

When I visit the http-version of the site I land on another website:

I deleted all cookies and cache of my webbrowser (chrome) on my laptop, weirdly I can reach my site with epic privacybrowser, but not with chrome and edge. On my phone I cán reach my site with chrome and all other browsers.

I also used Wise disk cleaner to try and clean my laptop and all caches and I deleted my webactivity from my google account, but in chrome and edge on my laptop it still doesn´t work.

Anyone has an idea?

Thanks :roll_eyes:

UPDATE: 12.00h.: All of a sudden everything works again

If it’s working again it must have been cache. Note that your ISP (Internet Service Provider), may also cache your pages, so clearing browser cache may not make a difference.


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